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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Altered Photo Art Canvas

I was thinking of a unique and one of a kind gift for a friend's birthday gift that I could make. And, then I noticed a picture of her granddaughter on Facebook. I had an idea from a video I had seen and decided to take it on. You only need a few supplies. Artist Canvas, 1 laser copied color or black and white photo, Gel Medium (I used Liquitex) paint brush, craft glue and embellishments (i had in my craft stash) Spread Liquitex over the canvas until covered generously. trim your photo to fit and place color side down on the canvas. Press the image to the canvas to assure transfer (you can use a spoon also). Wait 8 hrs to dry. Take a sponge and moisten the paper. You will start to see the image appear - start rubbing off the paper with your fingers (this takes a while and may take more than one pass). Do not rub too vigorously or you may tear the image. Keep moistening (in stages) until you do not see the "white hue" of excess paper on the image. When the image is dry you can embellish with trim beads, spray mist - the list is endless. Adhere a ribbon to hang. The price - $20 for 2 prints!

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