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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Grading is done, fill is in.

Wow, what a difference from a week ago.  The front and back have been graded and fill brought in around the foundation, etc.  It all makes me want to go out and buy some trees, shrubs, etc. and start planting.

We have other fun things to do right now, like finalizing tile and picking out kitchen cabinets.  One of the really cool things I can't wait to have in the house is our dog wash station (isn't it adorable)!

Molly's Dog Wash Station

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Things are coming along


The foundation walls have been put up and are starting to take shape.  I'm very excited because, in the basement is where my craftroom will be, and I can see the large windows in place.  This is so exciting, as I have been waiting to have my own creative space for soooo long.  I am so excited to set up my room and start being creative, which is what I do in my spare time to relax and fulfill the creative side of me.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Lets talk furnishings.

I could not wait until we shopped for some of the furniture for our new home.  It truly has been a pure joy perusing photos on Houzz.com and having design ideas play out in my mind of how we wanted our home to look.  Traditional yet comfortable, but yet a little rustic.  I think we might have achieved that with our choice of furnishings for our great room.

As mentioned in my previous post, my husband insisted we have a dining table big enough for 12 people.  We love to and often entertain, so I was happy when he insisted we look at something different than what I had in my "design mind".  We really both got what we wanted.

 Love the Sunbrella fabric on our sofa, loveseat and chairs, so easy to maintain.  The rustic coffee table is one I was so happy they still sell a design of.  Love this look.  I wouldnt mind if someone put their feet up and felt comfortable.  I want our home to be welcoming and cozy.

We are building. Finally!


Our little spot of paradise!

We have had our land for a few years now.  A dream of building we have been thinking about for a while now.  Now things are starting to come together and we have started to break ground.  It is very exciting for us.  Neither one of us have ever planned or built a home from the ground up.  The process of "tweaking" our home has been fun and now we are finally starting to see some of our dream come true.  We love the wooded lot we chose and it is very near some family members and close the land that my husband's family once farmed (some still do). 

Our home is considered to be a traditional craftsman.  Thinking about furnishing it was a great pastime of mine over the last year or so.  I love saving photos to my ideabook on Houzz.com and sharing them with my husband.  I love decorating and its funny when you have one idea of a design in your mind and you totally sway the other way when your husband points out he needs a dining set with 12 chairs!  Threw me "off kilter" there for a little bit, but I came around to his choice, I really do love it.