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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Some of my favorite things....

It's rainy here today... uggh!  I am sick of the rain already - we've had enough.  I am getting ready to paint my living room and while moving some things I got some inspiration to post some of my favorite things.  

Below is a pic of a great find!  I purchased this set of 5 dessert dishes ($15.00) at an antiques center in Ithaca while on my honeymoon (visiting the wine trail in Western NY).  I love the pattern etched into the glass.

This little chunky horse - my husband has had it forever.  I love it because its chunky, whimsical, I love vintage things and I LOVE horses.

My husband and I inherited these from my mother-in-law after she passed.  I love these little (what I think are sugar holders) vessels!  They are so intricate and dainty.  The Nippon one is my favorite.

And my alltime favorite!  My mother's handpainted tea set.  Yes, she painted it.  It reminds me of how talented she was in ceramics.  I have a coffee pot, teapot, a sugar, creamer and salt & pepper that matches this.  I love that she painted it and bestowed it upon me.  Each time my mother comes over I know when she sees it on the buffet she smiles.

A great find (purchased from my brother-in-law) - a bookcase (stacking).  I love this piece and the metal elements on it.  Each unit has its own glass-covered compartment.

An last, but not least, my inherited Boyd's Bears; another gift from my mother-in-law (all 19 of them).  I love the collection she left us.  I never collected Boyd's Bears, but they are all whimsical and adorable.  This one is my favorite - why - can you guess?  Yes, because "I Am The Queen".  haha.  I am the queen of my household (smile).  

Have a delightful and blessed weekend!

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